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b. 1988, Apt-en-Provence.

Lives and works between Paris and south of France (Ardèche).


She graduated with honors at the fine art scool of Paris in 2013.


In 2014, she co-founded and manage ChezKit, an "artist run space" : Workplace and broadcast of young artistic scene located in Pantin (93).

About her work,  She explains in 2013

“There are materials in my work and I use them in contradictory movements because I always try to create

a reversal, an ambivalence. I try to make sure my sculptures do not reveal themselves all at once. So they are not too simple and consequently so they can insinuate doubt. For exemple the languor brings an answer to the authoritarian rigidity. It is a way of claiming in favor of the formless and thedisappointment.”

Interview with Camille Paulhan, french doctor in art history.

From her studies, Coline Cuni is interested in the issue of transmission and education in Arts and integrates, for two years, the teaching staff of a preparatory class in Art as a professor of volume space. Today, inspired by experimentation such as Black Moutain College, she continues studies to improve her knowledge about Art teaching. 

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